About The Guard

Q: How long does the Guard Spray protect my shoes?
A: INSTANT REPELLENT WITH LONGER LASTING COATING - Quick Dry time Cures Within 10-20 minutes. For everyday use of up to 6-8 Weeks, for storage only up to 18 months.

Q: How many pairs of shoes can one can protect?
A: use the Guard for up to 8-12 pairs of Shoes.

Q: Will the Guard Spray change or affect the color, material, or look of my kicks?
A: Not at all, once the spray dries it’s completely invisible.

Q: How does the Guard Spray work?
A: SUPER HYDROPHOBIC NANO TECHNOLOGY - Our revolutionary Spray uses Nano Technology Coating on surfaces within the Nano Meter Scale in order to improve functionality or prevent harmful effects of external factors such as Water or Stains. 

Q: What is the best way to apply the Spray?
A: Spray from a distance of about 8 inches and apply evenly – don’t drench or saturate your shoes with the Spray and you’ll be good.

Q: Will my shoes still be able to breathe?
A: the Guard Spray doesn’t block the materials in any way, so yes; your kicks are free to breathe.

Q: What’s the difference between the Guard Spray and the cheaper brands and alternatives?
A: The cheaper brands are only one layer hydrophobic,  and aren’t Super hydrophobic Nano tech like us. We don't just put a layer over it but we also fill in the gaps inside the fabric, which makes it Super.

Q: How should I store the Guard Spray?
A: Like most things that come in a can; a cool dry place away from any flames is fine. The only heat your Spray should be near is your kicks.

Q: Does the Guard Spray have an expiration date?
A: The Spray is good to use for around 2 years from initial purchase.

The Cleaner

Q: How many shoes can I clean with one Foam Kit?
A: One kit is all you need to clean up to 50 pairs of shoes.

Q: Can one brush really be safe to use on any and all materials?
A: Yes it can. We put the brush through 2 years of research and development and came up with something that is safe to use on all shoe materials.

Q: Can the bristles of the brush damage delicate parts of my shoes?
A: The Brush can be used on shoe uppers, as well as the sole, please do not over brush and use moderately.

Q: After using the Foam Cleaner, how long will it take my trainers to dry?
A: That all depends on the material you’ve cleaned. Leather can dry in 5 minutes, but a material like suede can take up to a few hours.

Q: Will the Foam Cleaner cause the color of my shoes to run?
A: The Foam Kit Cleaner is designed to clean without making the colors run, but if you own one of the few shoes that weren’t made using color fast dyes, color running may occur.

Q: What is the cleaning solution made?
A: The solution is made from 98% natural ingredients, including coconut, jojoba, and water.